Awnings Markilux
Markilux has a history of nearly 100 years of impeccable work, and its products have won many awards. Each brand's awning is made in Germany upon request, setting European quality standards. The company is constantly looking for the perfect combination of form and function. An unprecedented and impressive variety - 16 million expressive intense colors - embodied in soft lines or classics.
Designers draw inspiration from the harmony of architecture and the nature, so the company's products are never out of style.

Markilux engineers are open to new ideas that translate into technological advances with meticulous attention to detail.
High requirements for the materials used ensure decades of reliable operation, ease of maintenance, maximum protection from rain and ultraviolet radiation.
Every detail has been carefully thought about to make the operation of the Markilux awning as quiet, smooth and resistant to gusts of wind as possible.
Patio and balcony awnings
The principle of operation of such awnings is that the fabric, located in a compact cassette, is unwound and stretched over the terrace in the form of a canopy. Shading area is up to 30 sq. m.
Awnings for windows and wintergardens
Awnings are the easiest and most aesthetic way to regulate the intensity of sunlight in the room and in the surrounding areas. Products in this category can be installed on vertical and horizontal translucent structures, including greenhouses, glazed verandas, pergolas and dormers. Systems can be joined in width and height.
Awnings for open space
Pergola awnings are structures for sun protection, which are a rectangular frame covered with an awning. Thanks to their supports, such awnings are highly reliable and are able to create shade for large spaces.
Freestanding awnings
Free-standing awnings provide reliable protection from sunlight and rain. Independent structures are flexible, casting a shadow exactly where it is needed
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