Awning markilux pergola

The awning system on slim posts with side guiding rails and provides generous shading with an extension of up to 6 meters. Markilux Pergola reliably and effectively resists the sun, rain and wind (3rd wind resistance class). There is possibility for installation LED stripe and wide choice of additional options.
Drive belts and integrated gas pistons provide optimal tension.

Manual adjustment of telescopic post is possible from 200 to 400mm (depending on the awning size) with the help of reducer with manual crank handle inside the post.

Round front supports additionally stabilize the awning in addition to façade mounts – it minimizes the façade tension.

Water drainage is guaranteed when minimal slop is 14° to horizon, maximal possible pitch is 45°.

  • Closed cassette
  • Joint awning
  • Retractable profile and guides
  • Additional shading markilux (option)
  • Trackfix (option)
  • Ballast blocks (option)
  • Lowering posts (option)
  • Post saddles (option)
  • Square posts (option)
Lighting and operation
Markilux pergola awning can be equipped with LED stripe in the guiding tracks and/or in the cover support tube. Also, for perfectly accented lighting in the evening, turning LED spots with brightness adjustment can be installed.

Stainless steel manual crank handle. Adjust the height of the post in no time.

  • Maximal dimensions 5000*6000 mm and 6000*4500 mm
  • Motor silentec
  • Radio-controlled motor (option)
  • Wall or ceiling mounting
  • Protective profile to the wall (option)
  • Lowering support. For better drainage the front post support of markilux pergola can be lowered with one hand to 40 cm maximum
  • Trackfix
  • Ballast blocks provide awning with reliable support
  • LED stripe
  • LED spots
  • Additional shading
Color structure
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