Markilux 6000

A designer elbow awning with enormous variety of combinations. The wide number of colors, decorative elements and technical features make this awning unique.

Markilux 6000 impresses with dimensions and outstanding technical characteristics.

Designer awning with various options and manual operation. Option of a vertical valant integrated into the front profile provides better sun protection. Can be operated manually or by radio controlled motor.

  • Bionic tendon at the elbow joint
  • LED lighting
  • Additional shading
  • Wide color variety
  • Frame with fine chrome finish
  • Various decorative elements
  • Wall, ceiling or roof mounting
  • Joint awnings
Lighting and automatization
Additional lighting and design options make it possible to deliberately set accents and tastefully enjoy the evening hours under the awning. LED stripe in the front profile. The illuminated front profile can be ordered in five accent colors and their brightness can be set. Manual operation.

These options are available:
  • Manual servo control
  • Drive
  • Radio controlled moto

There is possibility of mobile app control

  • Maximal dimensions 7000 * 4000 mm
  • Additional shading (option)
  • Bionic tendon at the elbow joint
  • Manual operation
  • Elegant light bar in a powder-coated aluminum housing suitable for installation anywhere. LED spots are reversible and dimmable. Lighting color is customizable.
  • Infrared heater markilux in protective shield 1400 or 2000 W.
  • Markilux hotspot consists of four halogen lamps and two heaters fitted into weather resistant housing. It can be mounted everywhere.
  • Silentec motor is extraordinarily silent. It reduces significantly the noise of awning closing/opening.
  • Wind and solar sensor markilux
  • Solar sensor markilux
  • Rain sensor markilux
    Structure color
    The awning color complements the color of the fabric and ideally combined with architecture. From various shades of white to the always elegant anthracite, there is always a choice of diverse palette of shades. And also the colors are available according to the RAL palette.

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