Vertical awnings markilux 740 and markilux 840

Ideal combinations: half-vertical and half-folding awning with full functionality.
Cassette made of powder coated aluminium closes fully and protects the fabric from weather.

Sides of the fabric or insect screen follow the firm aluminium guiding rails.

Innovative drop sections use high-grade stainless steel gas pistons to tension the fabric.

Arms are automatically locked in place in the angled rails when in the lowered position avoiding vertical moves in the wind. All structural elements are almost maintenance-free and corrosion resistant.

  • Maximum angle of drop 140°
  • Radio-controlled motor with remote (option)
  • Control from the inside (option)
  • Solar and wind sensor (option)
  • markilux 740 with square cassette
  • markilux 840 with round cassette
  • Guiding rails
  • Numerous choice of fabrics
Solar and wind sensor. The sensor of the rain and sun sensor ensures that the markilux automatically extends in the sun and folds down in strong winds.

Solar sensor Sunis. The Sunis solar sensor instructs radio-powered awnings to extend and fold completely without cables or connection to the mains. It is powered by built-in solar modules.

Radio-controlled motor with remote control. Equipped with a comfortable radio motor, the markilux awning responds to the push of a button. The markilux remote control with a handy and practical remote control is an ideal complement to this.
  • Maximal width is 3000 mm and the height is up to 3000 mm
  • For overall width of 500 cm two separate systems can be joined
  • Drive handle
  • Gas pistons tensioning mechanism
  • Mounting on the wall or in niche
Structure color
White RAL 9016
White-silver RAL 9006
Gray-brown RAL 8019

A choice of fabrics from the markilux sunvas and sunsilk snc collections, including a series of visutex designs. In addition, you can choose the special series of designs on the perfotex fabric or the vuscreen series (vuscreen FR / vuscreen Alu), which, despite optimal shading, allow you to see what is happening outside.
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