Wintergarden SDL Akzent Vision

SDL Akzent vision is thermally insulated roof structure made of aluminum profiles with internal statics.
T-shaped aluminum profile with internal statics, partial perforation and tensioned stainless steel highest quality cables. It is more than just structural and bearing elements. You get the highest possible transparency in rooms of any size and visual lightness of structures.

      • Thermally insulated system
      • Internal statics
      • Slim design with visible stainless steel tensioned cables for maximum transparency
      • High bearing capacity and long unsupported spans
      • Simple and quick installation of wall joint
      • Drain gutter and pipes are integrated in profile
      • Various roof shapes
      • Possibility to install individual lighting systems
      • Possibility to install sliding and folding windows including automatic windows
      • Possibility to install shading system
      Air conditioning and heating
      Effective thermal insulation, combined with ventilation and shading systems, ensure that the climate in the conservatory remains comfortable even in hot summers. When it is necessary to maintain the set temperature, an additional air conditioning system will be advisable. Set to a certain temperature, it turns on automatically and regulates the room temperature.

      A surprisingly small amount of energy is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature, even on colder days. A fireplace, stove or heated floor with built-in floor convectors can be easily installed in the conservatory.

      • Various roof pitch angles: from 5 ° to 45 °
      • Glass unit thickness from 26 to 46 mm
      • Rafters width 60 mm (depending on static needs)
        Lighting and automation
        Recessed lighting is an efficient solution, and the wiring for the low voltage lamps is integrated into the bottom of the rafters. It can also be halogen lamps or spotlights. There are fixed or swivel LED spotlights to choose from.

        Thanks to reliable, highly sensitive programmable modules, it is possible to automatically control climate control systems, sun shades and lighting.

        Color structure
        The Solarlux world of colors, which includes about 30 colors according to the RAL, offers any color option in matt or glossy finish at no additional cost. So, any design can be matched in color in accordance with the decoration and design of the house. The most resilient surfaces can be created with one of the most modern paint and varnish technology lines in Europe.
        Possible combinations
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