Bi-folding door Combiline

It is combination providing ultimate weather resistance
Combiline is thermally insulated turning-sliding system with combined wood/aluminium profile
Frame consists of aluminum structure covered on the inside with wooden panels.

The insulation is made in two planes, ensuring optimal drainage of water from the system. High resistance to weather is ensured by an aluminum escutcheon with hidden fastening.

    • Thermally insulated system
    • Profile of wood and aluminum
    • Barrier-free floor guide (option) RC2 certified
    • Various options for implementation
    • Easy panel adjustment by means of single profile, continuous insulating gasket
    • Hidden furniture allows to close and open panels easily by one hand
    • Removable EASY CLEAN hinge pin, easy cleaning even with large panels sizes, new integrated technology with error control, hinges with captive pin
    Technical information
    The running gear made of stainless steel with double-row deep groove ball bearings is characterized by smooth running and low noise level, height adjustment is possible during the installation of the structure. Optimal load transfer to the chassis and guides allows flawless operation even with heavy panel weights. The entire stainless steel undercarriage requires little maintenance and is extremely durable.
    The special Solarlux drive with 24mm up and down frame travel ensures reliable operation. Locking control by means of a sealed contact as well as a hidden cable can be implemented both in accordance with the RC2 standard and in accordance with the RC2N standard.
    The TWINX pass-through panels is a hidden centering mechanism, which is a continuous panel structure (only the top and bottom hinges are visible). This allows the panels to be centered relative to each other, stabilizing them at high wind loads.

    • Maximal panel height 2800 mm
    • Maximal panel width 1000 mm
    • Construction depth 86 mm
    • Visible width 147 mm
    • Glazing thickness from 28 to 48 mm
    • Thermal transmission coefficient: Uw > 1,1 W/m²K
    • Panel weight up to 100 kg
      Extra accessories
      Shading system: plisse by Solarlux provides optimal protection against direct sun rays. Plisse can be fixed in any position, thus limiting the view. Plisse is standardly fixed on profile without additional holes or gluing.

      Illuminated floor guides:
      Guides can be equipped with protective profile 3S-Protection with LED lighting and cable channel for concealed installation. Such illumination helps visually impaired people to orientate, which meets the requirements of DIN 18040 for entrance areas and passages.
      Equipment packages: Equipment packages are available for the tilt & slide system, combining various elements and parts.
      Security, sound insulation, thermal insulation and lighting.

      Color structure
      Possible combinations
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