Roof glazing system SDL Aura

SDL Aura – it is popular classics by Solarlux. Thin wooden profiles give the terrace roof a distinctive look.
Wood/aluminum structure SDL Aura. Wood on the inner side of the roof makes it natural and unique, aluminum covers on the outer side protect from weather. Covers are available in any RAL color; thus SDL Aura will visually match the building's design. Moreover, system has constructive advantages, such as optimal protection from weather influences or overhead heaters. As standard, SDL AURA is made of glued spruce, other types of wood on request.
    • Wood/aluminum structure
    • Wood - spruce
    • Single-pitched roof
    • Designer gutter
    • Drainage of water through a cascade
    • Drainage of water through a drain pipe
    • The shading system can be installed inside, outside, vertically
    • Roof fan with drive
    • Sliding doors with drive
    • Heater panel with LED lighting
    • Cable channel
    • Best weather protection for rafters and eaves with wall rails
    • Additional side overhang of the roof
    • Fine lines and high dimensional stability due to optimal wood material
    Air conditioning and heating
    Thanks to the air conditioning system, continuous ventilation, even on hot summer days, ensures pleasant air exchange under the terrace roof.

    Infrared heater is ideal for short-term warming of the canopy. For this purpose, it needs to be switched on just before the usage of canopy and it will provide comfortable warmth in shortest time - pointwise and whenever needed.
    • Maximal width between posts 5000 mm
    • Maximal width is not limited
    • Maximal depth 5000 mm
    • Roof pitch from 5° to 25°
      Lighting and automatization
      Built-in led spots creates cozy atmosphere at the sunset and provide comfortable lighting under the roof.

      Innovative automatization by Solarlux allows to remotely switch on/off the light and adjust the brightness. Simple extension allows to control up to eight different functions (for example, heater). Moreover, mobile app is available to control all the functions by the smartphone.

      Color structure
      The Solarlux world of colors, which includes about 30 colors according to the RAL, offers any color option in matt or glossy finish at no additional cost. So, any design can be matched in color in accordance with the decoration and design of the house. The most resilient surfaces can be created with one of the most modern paint and varnish technology lines in Europe.
      Possible combinations
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