Sliding system SL 25 R

SL 25 R is all-glass sliding system that is perfect for wind and weather protection as well as for glazing of balconies.
The carriage of the SL 25 R system can be turned to any angle from 90 ° to 180 °, so the system is suitable for numerous project variants. Thanks to a clever technical solution, the elements can remain almost completely open - only a narrow sash remains unopened.
    • Sliding-turning system
    • Safe tempered glass glazing (ESG)
    • Built-in 2-points locking
    • Safe for children / burglar resistant thanks to lock (optional).
    • Possibility to maintain outer glass surfaces from the inside
    • Hidden furniture
    • Powder coating according to RAL
    • Anodized according to EURA
    Technical information
    Double horizontal carriages, mounted on ball bearings, guarantee extremely easy sliding of the panels. Possibility of movement to any angle from 90 ° to 180 °.

    Height adjustment profile for 35 mm deviation (it is possible when mounted). Clean joint without additional bars, fast, problem-free installation.

    Optionally fixed two-step opening for ventilation and aeration is possible

    • Maximal panel height 2300 mm
    • Maximal width 800 mm
    • Tempered glass 6, 8 or 10 mm
    • Construction depth for profile 27 mm
    • Panel weight up to 36 kg
    • Carriage movement angle from 90° to 180°
    Color structure
    The Solarlux world of colors, which includes about 30 colors according to the RAL, offers any color option in matt or glossy finish at no additional cost. So, any design can be matched in color in accordance with the decoration and design of the house. The most resilient surfaces can be created with one of the most modern paint and varnish technology lines in Europe.
    Possible combinations
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