Roof system Terrazza Pure

It is an ideal solution for weather protection providing maximal sunlight passage in North and Central Europe region with low natural light and high level of precipitation, preserving the elegant cubic design.

The structure of the new cubic roof glazing for terraces is something very special: because the combination of cubic shape and roof glazing is offered by only a few manufacturers on the market and the quality is still far from that of weinor.

A unique overhead glazing system specially designed for Terrazza Pure. Inside the horizontal truss structure, the glazing system has an angle of inclination. This allows to ensure reliable drainage of water through the drain. The profiles of the overhead glazing system along the entire length of the rafters of the roofing system hermetically fit into the groove, which makes it possible to ensure the high level of the maximum permissible load required in accordance with the calculation. The glass profile is installed at a fixed angle of inclination depending on the depth of the roof. Fixed angle of inclination of glass means variability of adjoining glass panel to the wall. With a shallow depth of the roofing panel, the glass is located lower. With a great depth of the roofing panel, the glass is located higher. The glass fixing strip is pre-drilled and is attached to the wall during the installation of the roofing panel.

    • Modern high-level design
    • Exclusive decorative profiles
    • Innovative system of glass straps
    • Stable glass, load-resistant
    • Built-in drainage
    • Built-in remote operation
    • High-quality color LED stripes
    • Concealed cabling
    Technical details
    Side beams of the roof system, as standard, are decorated with decorative straps painted in color of structure. In standard implementation central beams have no decorative straps or color LED stripes and are of closed structure. Posts of Terrazza Pure are designed with all-length strap. Additionally, posts can be equipped with decorative straps from the outside, except when post is next to the wall. Central beams also can be equipped with decorative straps as an option. Color of the strap can be chosen for each beam. Straps for posts also can be chosen in different color in pairs.
    • Maximal roof width 7000 mm
    • Minimal roof depth 1600 mm
    • Maximal roof depth 4000 mm
    • Roof pitch 4° when depth is 2599 mm
    • Roof pitch 2,1° when depth is 4000 mm
    • Snow load 750 N/m
    • Thickness of the composite glass is 10 mm or 12 mm VSG
      Lighting, heating and automation
      New lighting concept allows to decorate posts and roof beams with LED stripes. All necessary electronics and control unit are installed close to the wall joint. Control over color LED stripes only possible via weinor's BiConnect and BiEasy 15M Go! units.

      Energy efficient infra-red heater Tempura subjugates with its 1500W heating power and compact design, delivering instant heat without preheating. Heating angle can be adjusted, control and adjustment of temperature are regulated by remote.

      Color structure
      Weinor offers more than 50 standard colors, as well as 150 additional RAL colors. Paintjob made on weinor's own plant is of clear colors and uniform gloss.
      Possible combinations
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