Sun Sail awning Maestrale

Maestrale — a freestanding sun sail equipped with 4 poles made of stainless steel. Frame can have square or rectangular shape with 90° angle. Fabric of the awning is developed for sail boats and capable to withstand even very strong gusts of wind.
Poles are made of high-grade stainless steel with high resistance to corrosion and weather. Sails made of Dacron fabric are opened and closed by drive.

The important peculiarity of the Maestrale is operating by single drive installed in the shaft. It leads to uniform winding of sails and a smaller shaft diameter

The spring is inserted inside the sail tensioning pole, so all you need to do is act on the hoist (the system of rope and blocks commonly used on boats) accessible through an opening in the pole. By tensioning the spring, the hoist can support the weight of the sail. The positioning of the spring inside the pole also has benefits in terms of safety: if there is a strong wind the sail raises or lowers.

      • Adaptation to exact needs
      • Motorized operation
      • Manual operation
      • Poles of the awning are made of stainless steel
      • Noiseless operation
      • Mark СЕ
      • Resistance to atmospheric events
      • Anemometer
      • Nautical technology
      • LED lighting
      • Simple maintenance
      Possible configurations of the system
      Maestrale offers all the advantages of a standard product but has been designed to reach up to 113 different configurations that can satisfy many different needs, without having to apply custom solutions.
      • Length of the bar from 4950,4 mm to 10960,8 mm
      • Approximate surface of the sail from 10 m2 to 55m2
      • Height of the triangle from 2230,3 mm to 5240,2 mm
      • Class EN 13561: 2
      The sails made of Dacron fabric are opened and closed by the motor positioned inside the bar profile, the sails can be easily managed by remote control or manually in case of blackout. Also available in a totally manual variant. The motorized version is equipped with the wind sensor and the sails are closed automatically in case of wind. Good values for maximum resistance and high tension influence positively the functionality.

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