Horizontal embedding roof structure with rotating blades Renson Aero

Modular terrace cover
System is fully opening sun protective roof with blades without posts. Aero integrates seamlessly into existing structure. Extruded aluminium blades can be rotated 150 °, allowing for optimal sun protection and ventilation
Roof consists of extruded aluminium blades, that can be rotated to control the sun protection and ventilation as well as can be fully opened

When closed, blades make roof waterproof. Rain water drains through the gutters to the corners

Due to elegant light-weight structure and availability of all RAL colors, Aero will fit any architectural style:
  • contemporary
  • classic
  • modern
    • Minimalistic design
    • Fits any architectural style
    • High-quality surface finishing
    • Easy to maintain thanks to wear-resistant materials
    • Easy-to-use
    • Silent operation
      • Fully embedding system
      • There are no posts
      • Aero Skye Dual with rotating and sliding blades creates enjoyable panoramic view. Blades slide from the center, not touching the beam and opening the surface up to 11,75 sq. m.
      • Maximal width: 6 050 mm
      • Maximal depth: 4 500 mm
      • Maximal blade angle: 150°
      • Wind protection with closed blades: 120 km/h
      • Water drainage: 98 l/h
      • Bearing capacity: 99.6 kg/m2
      • Color: all RAL pallet is available, as well as powder and textured coating (60-80 microns)
      • Options: rain and/or wind sensor
      Pergola Sky can be equipped with LED lighting in blades, that evenly spreads the light without visible
      dots thanks to high-quality diodes (180 pcs/m)
      Aero can also be equipped with UpDown LED, integrated into the frame. It emits light up and/or down, making light mirrored or directed (warm/cold)

      Built-in heating and sound systems are perfect add-ins to pergola Skye.

      Color structure
      All RAL pallet is available. Powder coating made with preliminary preparation treatment of Seaside Quality standard. Renson recommends textured coating to achieve modern architectural look.
      Moreover, textured coating is better suited for outdoor use and scratches are less visible
      Additional options
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