Façade systems Renson Linarte

Renson places great emphasis on design, personalization and quality in façade cladding, allowing you to creatively transform it to your taste. Linarte makes it possible to create unique exteriors with decorative wood-like inserts or LED strips in a wide variety of styles - from classic to modern. Garage doors and entrance doors can be harmoniously integrated into a single facade surface, emphasizing its style. This façade is easy to install, impressively practical and requires little maintenance.
With the Linarte profile, facades or parts of facades can be covered to create an elegant and homogeneous system with vertical profiles of different designs: inside and outside. Gates or doors can also be covered with the same profiles, seamlessly integrated into a uniform façade. The facade system consists of individual aluminum profiles, which can have different designs and can be decorated with decorative wood-like inserts or LED strips. The vertical aluminum facade system Linarte guarantees a stylish design.

Linarte profiles are invisibly mounted on patented plastic clips. Thus, they can be quickly installed while absorbing thermal expansion.

    • Aluminium structure
    • Stylish design
    • Unique interior
    • Unlimited personalization
    • Simple installation
    • Sustainable quality
    • Easy maintenance
    Linarte Block 16: basic variant of aluminium Linarte profile has the depth of 16 mm. Such limited depth creates minimalistic look.

    Linarte Block 33: block profile Linarte with depth of 33 mm creates brightly expressed vertical linius design. This deep profile can be combined with wood-like inserts or LED stripes.

    Linarte Evan: The rib-shaped Even profile of 33 mm deep ensures the sleekest Linarte result and emphasizes the vertical lines of a façade. This profile also can be combined with wood-like inserts or LED stripes.

    Random Linarte system: all Linarte profiles (Block or Even) can be combined with each other. Get creative, create a unique play of light and shadow, and shape your façade to your heart to give it a personal touch.

    Linarte system structure
    • Supporting wall
    • Insulation
    • CLS
    • Aluminium support structures
    • Clamps
    • Linarte profiles
      Wood-like elements or LED strips can be embedded in the Block and Even profiles with a depth of 33 mm. These inserts can be of different lengths and can be integrated anywhere on the façade (for example: logos or house numbers). This makes it possible to give the facades a unique design.
      Construction color
      Linus and Linarte profiles are available in all RAL colors. Renson recommends the use of a structured lacquer for an architecturally modern look. In addition, the textured lacquer finish is better suited for outdoor use and is less likely to be scratched.
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