Pergola Lapure

Renson Lapure is minimalistic pergola structure with sliding awning and open panoramic views. Thanks
to its design and wide range of colors, it perfectly matches both classical and modern architecture

The system provides effective protection from sun and rain with additional wind protection. In addition,
the structure has built-in Lapure LED lighting. Renson Lapure attaches securely to aluminum posts and
outer house walls to create a harmonious composition. If necessary, you can increase the covered area
by joining several structures

Minimalistic system Lapure consists of wind, sun and water protective roof that stands on elegant posts not interrupting transverse connection and attaches to existing façade. There are two types of posts for Lapure:
  • Side posts with drainage (through side channels and posts). Side channels directs rain water to the vertical posts even in half-opened position
  • Shifted posts (with gutter and drain pit). In this case roof exceeds the perimeter of the posts for optimal shading
Join version is also available. Two or more roofs can be installed one after another, covering larger
spaces (only one post at joint)
Thanks to wide choice of structure colors and fabrics, Lapure fits easily in surroundings and architectural style
    • Minimalistic design
    • Integrated lighting Lapure LED
    • Panoramic view with opened roof
    • Weatherproof
    • Sliding awning
      Pergola Lapure is installed to existing façade. For filling the sides, pergola Lapure can be combined with Fixscreen 100 EVO Slim F or Fixscreen 150 EVO F.
      Fabric containing box can be installed on the frame
      • Maximal width 6000 mm
      • Maximal depth 5000 mm
      • Maximal passage height 2900 mm
      • Maximal joint width 18000 mm
      • Minimal recommended slope: 10°
      • Wind resistance with roof closed 100 km/h
      • Wind resistance with roof opened 50 km/h
      Integrated Lapure LED lighting is beautiful add-in to Lapure.LED lighting integrated in rail

      In Lapure pergola the lighting is integrated in roof, with possibility to choose between warm white (ideal for meeting with friends) and cold white (ideal for reading). The brightness can be adjusted when necessary
      Color structure
      All RAL pallet is available. Powder coating made with preliminary preparation treatment of Seaside Quality standard. Renson recommends textured coating to achieve modern architectural look. Moreover, textured coating is better suited for outdoor use and scratches are less visible
      Rensonscreen waterproof roof color
      Lapure roofs are equipped with an innovative waterproof, sunscreen and translucent fabric, these polyester fabric is coated on one side with a waterproof UV resistant coating. The fabric is available in various colors
      Additional options
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