Bioclimatic pergola Renson Camargue Skye

The most exclusive pergola designed by Renson
Multifunctional terrace that can be closed from all sides with possibility of full opening of the roof. Camargue Skye is equipped with turnable and sliding blades providing reliable protection from rain, sun and wind. Camargue sky can be fitted with wind resistant Fixscreens, glass sliding walls or Logia sliding panels. Each of this combinations provides comfortable recreation without weather interference
Roof consists of blades made of extruded aluminium, that can be rotated to control the sun protection and ventilation in accordance with needs and also can be fully opened. Operation is made easy with the Somfy handheld transmitter. The roof is waterproof when closed. Water drains to the racks through built-in gutters. The drain also works when the slats are opened after a shower, so that the furniture on the terrace remains protected. All fasteners, wiring and anchor supports are hidden

There are three mounting supports:
  • visible
  • invisible
  • invisible cast mounting base

Moreover, reinforced mounting base for visible and invisible mounting is available, when side panels are
used or wind load is high

  • Long-lasting rotating and sliding technology thanks to the patented S-drive technology
  • Fully sliding roof
  • High quality surface treatment
  • Invisible electrical cables
  • Invisible joints and connections
  • Possibility of masking floor connections
  • Easy to maintain thanks to the use of heavy-duty materials
  • Easy-to-use
  • Silent operation
  • Free-standing terrace: equipped with 4 posts
  • Installation to the outer wall: equipped with 1 or 2 posts
  • Possibility to install several structures on the front and sides
  • Blades direction:
........Parallel to the house
....... Perpendicular to the house
  • Maximal width: 6 200 mm
  • Maximal depth: 4 200 mm
  • Maximal passage height: 2 800 mm
  • Maximal blade angle: 145°
  • Wind resistance with blades closed: 120 km/h
  • Water drainage: 150 l.m2/h
  • Bearing capacity: 200 kg/m2
  • Snow load: 100 kg/m2
  • Color: all RAL pallet is available, as well as powder and textured coating (60-80 microns)
  • Fixscreens have guarantee for wind load up to 60 km/h (in closed position)
  • Options: rain and/or wind sensor
Choose a lighter color for the blades and a darker color for the structure. The dark color of the roof
blades gives the impression of a low ceiling. Light color creates a sense of spaciousness and provides
additional sun and heat protection
Simple remote control
The terrace cover can be easily operated with the Somfy automation system. Control the roof and / or
screens with a handheld transmitter. Thanks to Somfy's new TaHoma control interface, your patio cover
can be controlled from a smartphone, tablet or computer. For optimum comfort, we recommend
installing rain and/or wind sensors
Camargue Skye can be equipped with UpDown LED system. Camargue Skye can be equipped with LED
lights for frame structure, as well as posts can be equipped with vertical light columns. It creates cozy
atmosphere and underlines the pergola's robust structure. Vertical lights can be fitted to every post.
There are two types of LED lighting:
  • Warm white light (3000 k)
  • Cold white light (5000 k)
Built-in heating and sound systems are perfect add-ins to pergola Camargue Skye.
Thanks to it, the terrace can be used all-year-round (For optimal results of heating the use of side
protective elements, such as glass sliding wall or Fixscreen, is recommended)

Color structure
All RAL pallet is available. Powder coating made with preliminary preparation treatment of Seaside Quality standard. Renson recommends textured coating to achieve modern architectural look. Moreover, textured coating is better suited for outdoor use and scratches are less visible
Additional options
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