Sun protective fixed roof structure Algarve Canvas

Algarve canvas — minimalistic system providing effective protection thanks to fixed double layer roof. Algarve Canvas can be used as free-standing structure (for example, near the swimming pool or above
the car lot), as well as terrace adjoining the house or a shed above the front door
Roof consists of two layers:

  • Solid upper layer is the white painted profiled steel sheet with anti-condensate coating
  • Lower layer is esthetic textile fabric with zipper. The fabric stretches tightly in the structure without visible intermediate folds and is available in 8 colors
Algarve with rotating blades and Algarve Canvas with fixed roof can be combined for uniform style around the house
    • Multi-purpose use
    • Solid roof of sheet metal with anti-condensation coating
    • Stretched ceiling with Fixscreen technology
    • Corresponds to all architectural styles
    • Free-standing terrace: equipped with 4 posts
    • Installation on the outer wall: equipped with posts
    • Maximal width: 6 055 mm
    • Maximal depth: 6 000 mm
    • Maximal passage height: 2 800 mm
    • Bearing capacity: 200 kg/m2
    • Snow load: 200 kg/m2
    • Color: all RAL pallet is available, as well as powder and textured coating (60-80 microns)
    Algarve Canvas can be equipped with UpDown LED lighting. LED lighting is installed into the frame and emits light up and/or down, making light mirrored or directed (warm/cold). Maximum Two lighting modules can be installed in single roof module

    Color structure
    All RAL pallet is available. Powder coating made with preliminary preparation treatment of Seaside Quality standard. Renson recommends textured coating to achieve modern architectural look. Moreover, textured coating is better suited for outdoor use and scratches are less visible
    Color of the stretched ceiling B-screen
    Algarve Canvas roof covers with unique patented stretching ceiling. Fiberglass textile stretches with use of proven Fixscreen technology in frame for horizontal jointless final ceiling finishing without beams
    Additional options
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