Pergotenda Milenium Celeb

Pergolas of Celeb type differ by optimal functionality and impressive aesthetic, also due to the possibility of using wood coatings. Milenium Celeb is equipped with internal and external lighting. Especially for this pergola type filtering and shading screens built-in in front side, providing additional protection from rain and sun, were developed. Maximal dimensions of the single module are 500х685 cm, modules can be joint.
Aluminium structure. It is equipped with 2-4 guides and only available as inclined version. There is no need for front beam, if the distance from the wall does not exceed 400 cm and the width of the structure is no more than 450 cm, what gives Celeb special purity of lines. Waterproofness is guaranteed by technical solutions, including special patented mobile gutter.

Aluminium supports can be painted in various colors, even chrome-look effect, as well as wooden covers can be used, which allows you to show the natural character of the material the best.

      • Possibility to use wooden covers
      • Built—in front filtering and shading screens
      • Possibility of double screening around the perimeter
      • Easy-to-use
      • Silent operation
      • High-quality surface finishing
      • Simple maintenance thanks to the use of heavy-duty materials
      • Integrated LED lightin
        Possible Configurations
        Pergola Pergotenda Milenium Celeb is only available in façade mounted implementation, with built-in protective screens, as well as sliding glass structures.
        • Maximal dimensions of single module (2 guides): 5000 * 6850 mm
        • Maximal dimensions of single module (3 guides): 9000 * 6850 mm
        • Maximal dimensions of single module (4 guides): 13000 * 6850 mm
        • Class EN 13561: 3
        • Pergotenda has no guarantee for snow load
        • The posts measure 120*150 mm, while the front beam has different dimensions depending on the system configuration:
        - 12 x 25 cm, in case of filtering screens completely integrated into the front
        - 12 x 12 cm, for all-glass sliding doors, wind protection or without the screen
        - 12 х 16 cm for semi-integrated screens (in which only the terminal remains visible) and without lighting on the beam
        Outside lightning – on frontal posts and upper guides, internal lighting = on frontal posts and side beams.

        In case of a frontal and side beams of 120 * 250 mm, LED lighting can also be integrated into the framework, the play of warm white light produces a spectacular effect.

        Structure colors
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