Pauwels Verandas
Pauwels verandas
Having experience in the construction of exclusive conservatories on individual projects since 1962, the Belgian company Pauwels Verandas continues to continuously improve technology and design solutions. The shape of the conservatories ranges from simple rectangular to very complex combinations according to the individual wishes of the client. 3D design models created for your project will allow you to get a visual picture of a house with a winter garden before the project goes into production. The company's specialists continue to improve the design until it fully meets your expectations. The high-tech manufacturing process, fully controlled by the computer, guarantees unprecedented precision and perfection of workmanship.
Lines of glazing
Verandah racks or partitions mainly use high-performance clear glazing. It lets in the warmth of the low sun rays in spring and autumn and provides an optimal microclimate on the veranda. Pauwels only uses high-performance glazing with thermal insulation values of 1 to 0.8 W / m² K for a single chamber glazing unit and even 0.7 to 0.5 W / m² K for a double chamber glazing unit.

Types of glazing:

• multilayer sun protective glazing with outstanding noise protection

• insertion of multilayer clear glass with outer sun protective layer

  • Comfort use of veranda depends on dimensions. After arranging the furniture (chairs, dining table, etc.), you need to make sure that you still have aisle and enough space. As a rule, the minimum depth should be between 3 and 4 meters.
Materials and finishing
When you choose Pauwels, you choose aluminum veranda, that means that you get the high-quality product: light, durable, elegant, ecological and simple to maintain.

Moreover, there is wide choice of colors. All RAL colors (more than 250) are available, as well as combination of two colors for inner and outer finishing.

There are limitless variants of finishing. Upon individual request, conservatory can be equipped with sliding frames with flat doorstep, fixed frames, swing-out windows, etc. So you can get maximum from your veranda. Additionally, there could be installed insect screens, awnings, sound system or lighting.
  • The location of the veranda is important and affects a number of factors such as heating, glazing, etc. A veranda facing southwest is better to equip with a sun visor or ventilation system, as it is exposed to sunlight during the hottest hours of the day. What's the ideal option? South-east exposure. The morning sun has not yet reached full strength, so the heat is much more bearable.
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