Pauwels Verandas Glazing
Pauwels verandas

Kreative Line

Structures of this line can be both: modern and classic. They can be equipped with roof or dome.

Types of conservatories
    • Thermally insulated profile
    • Aluminium profile
    • Elegant outlook
    • Unobstructed view thanks to large glass surface
    • Possibility to install a glass roof window
    • Built-in LED lighting
    • Conditioner with heat pump can be installed in the ceiling
    • Conservatory with flat roof with/without dom
    • Outside roof overhang protects glass surfaces from sunlight and rain
    • Integration of vertical awnings for optimal climate inside
    • Choice of styles: classic, modern or minimalistic
    • Concealed doorstep for barrier-free passage
    • Structure without corner supports (glass corners) is possible for large windows
    • Traditional, single-rail or minimal sliding doors with 1 to 4 guides
    • Stainless steel furniture for smooth gliding
    • Simple installation to non-symmetrical facades
    • Insulation: 0,13 W / m²K (without roof window)
    • Roof pitch: 15 mm/m
    • Slim structure of roof border of just 15-35 cm
    • Window's height 270-300 cm
    • Triple glazing is possible with thermal transmission of 0,40 W / m²K
    • Snow load up to 200 kg / m²
      Various substructures
      Glass corners and long spans
      Invisible static reinforcement between windows
      Corner openings
      Static reinforcement with posts inside. Open corners
      Corner posts
      Static reinforcement integrated in corner posts
      Roof types
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