Panoramic glazing CERO

Panoramic sliding glazing from Solarlux Cero opens up spaces of impressive scale. Structurally and design wise, Cero offers every opportunity that may be required in architecturally complex buildings. Narrow frames and profiles provide maximal transparency of elements. The 34 mm visible width alone creates a symmetrical and minimalist design, which is enhanced by the area of glass, which accounts for 98%.
Radically huge glass surfaces with a frame area of up to 15 m2 require special attention to quality and safety. Cero system is tested and certified according to the most stringent security standards, and equipment with RC2 and RC3 burglary protection can be supplied on request.
In the Сero system, the rollers and guides are made of stainless steel, which guarantees easy sliding, ensuring an even distribution of the load. Glass rebated ventilation avoids condensation between the discs.
Cero is available in versions I, II and III, making it ideal for different climatic regions. To fully meet the various design requirements, cero II is also available in a combination of aluminum and natural wood veneer.

    Specification Cero II
    • Sliding panel 3000 * 4000 mm
    • Maximal panel surface 12 m2
    • Insulated glass thickness 30 - 36 mm (one-layer safe glass)
    • Barrier-free guides according to DIN 18040
    • Panel weight 600 kg
    • Thermal transmission coefficient: (glass Ug = 1,1 W/ m2К)
    • Uw up to 1,35 W/m2 К
    • Water tightness class: 9а
    • Air permeability class 4
    • Wind resistance: B4
    • Insect net up to 3500 mm height
      Specification Cero III
      • Sliding panel 3000 x 4000 mm
      • Maximal panel surface 15 m2
      • Insulated glass thickness 48 - 54 мм (one-layer safe glass), standard 50 mm
      • Barrier-free guides according to DIN 18040
      • Maximal panel weight 1000 kg
      • Thermal transmission coefficient (glass Ug = 0,5 W/m2К)
      • Uw up to 0,76 W/m2К
      • Water tightness class E750
      • Air permeability class 4
      • Wind resistance B4
      • Insect net up to 3500 mm height
        Extra Accessories
        It can be equipped with alarm systems, lock control, warning systems, such as glass break sensors or position control. For maximum comfort, it is also possible to equip it with a fully automatic control system for sliding elements, including electromechanical locking and unlocking, and the control unit will allow several leaves to be moved independently of each other.

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