Umbrella BAHAMA Easy

Easy is entry-level BAHAMA model. This comparatively large parasol has an excellent price-to-performance ratio meeting the high demands for professional parasols. It is attractive for both commercial and private use. Easy parasols got Red Dot Award for design in 2019
Easy model is the degree of innovation, functionality, quality, durability and ergonomics - these are the design criteria that the renowned Red Dot jury evaluates every year "in search of good
design and innovation" and what distinguishes the light, large parasol

  • Fast operation with single closing arm
  • Maintenance-free, fast spare parts replacement
  • Smaller opening ring for installation on table
  • Lock safety
  • Optimum fabric tension with handle
  • Two different high quality fabrics, 100% polyester fabric membranes
  • Parasol has hollow inner and outer posts that optically combines in single center post
    for better durability, stability and safety. Parasol's frame is made of hollow aluminum
    profiles. Outer post has diameter Ø 57mm with wall thickness 2.45 mm, inner post
    diameter is Ø 48 mm with wall thickness 2 mm
  • Natural polished finish of spokes. Wall thickness is 1.2 mm. Welded aluminum hollow
    profile with special alloy without sharp edges. Individually replaceable spokes and
    supporting spokes
  • Telescopic opening and closing
  • Light weight (15-25 kg) with long-lasting usage
Easy has 8 models of unsurpassed design and quality, all adapted to the special needs of the
discerning hospitality industry
  • Frame of parasol marked with BAHAMA label with a stamped unique serial number. This
    number allows the parasol's owner to address to the manufacturer for spare parts and service
  • Mobile or stationary installation.
  • Parasol is locked with a cylindrical key mounted on the installation device and / or the opening and closing mechanism
Umbrella colors
25 fabric colors are available in "betex 05" range. Cover made of high-tech fabric betex 05 is 100% polyester fabric with top transparent acrylate layer. The peculiarity of the fabric is that it is dirt-repellent (dirt and dust are not absorbed). The highest sun protection factor UPF 50+ protects against harmful UV radiation (exception: color snow 9577). High temperature resistance (-30 ° to + 90 ° C). Excellent abrasion resistance. High tensile strength due to high thread count. Absolute waterproofness
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