Outdoor umbrella MDT-TEX Type S (4*4 m)

Outdoor umbrella MDT-TEX Type S (4*4 m)
mast color - RAL 9016 (White),
membrane without valant, telescopic mast diameter 80 mm,
tensioning mechanism with double moving aluminum handles and located in the mast.
Membrane MDT-tex 260FR (100% polyester fabric with acrylic coating on both sides), weight approx. 260 g/m², inner packaging: film sleeve, outer packaging: hard carton for transport/storage.
Mounting base for slabs (size 1050x1050 mm), with adapter. A set of weight plates 500x500x80 mm. (4 pieces - 212 kg.)

Size: 4х4 m (16m2)
Article: S 4040
Fabric’s article: А-22-А – dark-green (it is possible to change fabric to М-21-А - beige)
In stock: 10 pcs.
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