Pergotenda Exyl

Ideal combination of minimalism and practicality
Pergotenda Exyl combines minimalism and functionality
Pergola Pergotenda Exyl is made of aluminium with façade mounting, as well as free-standing with reinforced posts. Free-standing version of Pergotenda Exyl has posts from construction steel, light and durable material providing the best mechanical strength, that makes it strong and compact.

Even basic fabric lets the rain fall to the ground without any inclination.

Pergola is sun, rain and water resistant, and complies with security and environmental norms in force, guaranteed by CE mark.

A wide range of available colors allows you to emphasize the individuality of the design of structure Pergotenda Twin Exyl.

      • Aluminium structure
      • Motorized operation
      • Manual operation (option)
      • Integrated LED lighting (option)
      • Easy-to-use
      • Silent operation
      • High-quality surface finishing
      • СЕ marked
      • Weatherproof
      Possible Configurations
      • Free-standing variant: equipped with 4 posts
      • Wall mounted variant: equipped with 2 posts
      • Flat implementation
      • 3500 * 6500 mm (2 guides)
      • 7000 * 6500 mm (3 guides)
      • 10500 * 6500 mm (4 guides)
      • Class EN 13561 for facade-mounted structure: 2
      • Class EN 13561 for free-standing structure with dimensions 3500 * 6500 mm: 5
      • Class EN 13561 for free-standing structure with dimensions 7000 * 6500 mm: 3
      • Class EN 13561 for free-standing structure with dimensions 10500 * 6500 mm: 3
      • Pergotenda has no guarantee for snow load
        LED lighting with brightness adjustment can be integrated in structure and provides possibility to choose color scheme and intensity.

        Structure color
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