Bioclimatic pergola Maestro

Innovative bioclimatic pergola structure is equipped with movable lamellas with turning angle of 140°. It is Stylish solution for open outdoor spaces, Maestro has built-in awnings. Dimensions — 4700 x 6205 mm
Basic configuration of Maestro consists of stand-alone aluminum structure with movable lamellas. Roof consists of extruded aluminum lamellas.

Turning angle for lamellas is 140°, direction depends on necessity: sun protection or maximal sun rays passage.

When lamellas are closed, water flows through built-in gutters and posts act as drain pipes.

Motor is built in structure, and lamellas protrude from the structure in the "fully open" position by 9.5 cm.

      • Aluminum structure
      • Motorized operation
      • All fasteners are concealed
      • Stand-alone structure
      • Lean-on-wall structure
      • Bicolor finishing
      • Built-in LED lighting (option)
      • Side screens (option)
      • Easy-to-use
      • Silent operation
      • High-quality finishing
      • СЕ marked
      • Weatherproofness
      Possible Configurations
      • Stand-alone structure: equipped with 4 posts
      • Lean-on-wall structure: equipped with 2 posts
      • Lean-on-two-wall structure: equipped with 1 post
      • Double module by side
      • Double module by front
      • Lamellas turning angle: 140°
      • Frame height: 250 mm
      • Maximal dimensions of single module: 4700 x 6205 mm
      • Maximal length: 3730 mm
      • Post sizes: 150*150 mm
      • Beam sizes: 250*150 mm
      • Distance between lamellas: 215 mm
      • Waterproofness: 3 700 l/h
      • Maximal load: 110 kg/m2
      • Class EN 13561: 6 when closed
      • Class EN 13561: 3 when opened
      LED lighting can be integrated in lamellas, also LED spots can be in frame. Thus, the cozy evening atmosphere is created outdoor.

      The Maestro system is available to order in various color combinations and designs presented in the Corradi catalog, and interesting combinations of two colors are also possible, giving the finished structure an exciting and unexpected design.
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