Bioclimatic pergola Alba

Bioclimatic pergola allows to adjust the angle of turning lamellas up to 150° with remote control. Due to curved shape of lamellas water drains even when opened. This structure can be stand-alone structure, as well as integrated into the existing building in any architectural style.
Roof consists of extruded aluminum lamellas. Lamellas rotate to control sun protection and ventilation according to current needs. When lamellas are closed, water flows through drainage built-in posts.

Frame in Alba system consists of two profiles:

  • front profile installed in parallel with lamellas, in which gutter can be built-in;

  • a longitudinal profile located vertically in relation to the lamellas, in which there is a built-in downpipe and an edge preventing dripping.

The motor in the system is installed on the lateral longitudinal side of the structure and is equipped with a protective cap that rises by 13 cm. The lamellas protrude from the structure in the "fully open" position by 9.5 cm.

      • Aluminum structure
      • Motorized operation
      • Stand-alone structure
      • Lean-on-wall structure
      • Bicolor option
      • Built-in LED (option)
      • Side screens (option)
      • Easy-to-use
      • Silent operation
      • High-quality finishing
      • СЕ mark
      • Weather resistance
      Possible Configurations
      • Stand-alone structure: equipped with 4 posts
      • Lean-on-wall structure: equipped with 2 posts
      • Lean-on-two-wall structure: equipped with 1 post Built-in strucutre
      • Alba Liberty without posts
      • Lean-on-wall structure
      • Alba Liberty without posts
      • Structure of Alba system can be without intermediate posts with dimensions up to 6000 * 6050 mm
      • Maximal size of single module: 4500*6050 mm
      • Standard length: 3730 mm
      • Maximal length: 3730 mm
      • Post size: 110*110 mm
      • Beam size: 110*230h mm
      • Distance between lamellas: 215 mm
      • Waterproofness: 3 150 l/h
      • Maximal load: 110 kg/m2
      • Class EN 13561: 6 when closed
      • Class EN 13561: 3 when opened
      Enjoy the evening's atmosphere outdoor by choosing LED lighting installed in lamellas. The brightness can be adjusted.

      Wide variety of the available colors allows to underline the individuality of Alba structure.
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