Pergotenda 100

Pergotenda 100 – is a contemporary classic. Pergola wooden structure. Oasis for relaxation where every minute spent outside can be enjoyed.
Pergotenda 100 is stand-alone structure combining the warmth of wood with high material strength and modern design. The bases of the supports are insulated from the ground and therefore from moisture thanks to a special coating that prevents the formation of mold.
    • Stand-alone structure
    • Contemporary design
    • Made of wood
    • Easy-to-use
    • Silent operation
    • High-quality surface finishing
    • Motorized operation
    • LED lighting (option)
    • Vertical protective screens (option)
    • Class EN 13561: 4 for dimensions 3500*7000 mm Class EN 13561: 3 for dimensions 7000*7000 mm and 10500*7000 mm
    • Weather resistant
    • СЕ marked
      Possible configarations
      Pergotenda 100 is stand-alone structure. Can be implemented in flat or inclined versions.
      • Structure dimensions with two guides 3500*7000 mm
      • Structure dimensions with three guides 7000*7000 mm
      • Structure dimensions with four guides 10500*7000 mm
      • Pergotenda has no guarantee for snow load
      • Front drainage is available for inclined version
      Pergotenda 100 as a variant of individual adjustment can be fitted with LED lighting for bright and warm atmosphere to enjoy even in the evening.
      Colors for Pergotenda 100 are classic: anthracite, brown, ivory, white and gray for overhead guard, eaves, and rails. It is also offered by Corradi in warm chestnut colors, that is ideal for garden. RAL colors are also available.

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